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Welcome to Front Range Energy

Front Range Energy (FRE) is a local Windsor, Colorado owned manufacturer of fuel ethanol and other high value co-products.  Formed in 2004 and starting production in June 2006, Front Range Energy is the leading supplier of fuel ethanol to the Rocky Mountain transportation fuel markets, and a leading supplier of high quality distillers grains livestock feed to local feeders.


We procure grain from local farmers and commercial resellers to manufacturer fuel ethanol, distillers grains, syrup, and C02 products.  Front Range Energy is ideally located in Windsor, CO on the Front Range of the Rocky mountains.  Within 50 miles of the Denver & Wyoming’s major fuel markets, and in the heart of Weld County’s leading  agricultural  producing communities, FRE’s location allows us to be a low cost producer of ethanol and our other valuable co-products to serve the regional markets.


FRE is proud to produce a renewable fuel, which displaces foreign sources of energy while enhancing our national security, cleans up tailpipe emissions, creates American and Colorado jobs, and supports our local, regional, and national economies.

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